Zimbabwe facing economic crunch leading to starvation

Zimbabwe facing economic crunch

Zimbabwe is currently battling the effects of drought, cyclone Idai, and now the coronavirus pandemic. This has caused a starvation loom on a large population in the African country of Zimbabwe.

A man from the Pararehwa village in Goromonzi province reported two brothers who had not eaten for more than 4 days.

The man found his neighbor, 12-year-old Absolom Mugumburwa lying on the ground unconscious on June 14. The elder brother had gone out to fetch wild fruits.Also Read– Violent protests in Lebanon over plummeting currency

“I had gone to fetch wild fruits in the bushes nearby. It took a long time as I could not get any. After I returned four hours later, neighbors alerted me that my younger brother has fainted,” said the elder brother.

“He had fainted as we had not eaten for four days. Neighbors who often assist could not do so this time as most of them are facing economic challenges owing to the COVID-19 lockdown,” the 18-year old Washington added.

The brothers had no food inside the house, only a few utensils in the kitchen and two blankets in their bedroom.

The Social Welfare Minister Paul Mavima expressed his concern over the starvation crisis. 

“As a government, we have been distributing food aid to the child-headed and other starving families in the country. However, I am surprised children are starving owing to hunger, our statistics show we are distributing grain every month,” he said.

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He further added that staff members are busy attending to infected patients of the coronavirus which has caused delays in grain distribution.


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