Will postal elections lead to fraud?

Will postal elections lead to fraud? Many Americans are worried ahead of the November presidential elections. According to President Trump, mail-in ballots will lead to “the most corrupt election” in US history.

Many states in the US are looking into using mail-in ballots due to the fear of transmission of the coronavirus through traditional voting centers. On the other hand, President Trump has suggested postponing the elections, which he doesn’t have the power to do, to stop postal ballots leading to “inaccurate and fraudulent” results.

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Previously in the 2016 US presidential election, almost one quarter of votes were done by post, and that number is expected to increase in the upcoming elections.

Individual US states control their own voting rules for federal elections – and many are looking to increase postal voting to prevent large gatherings at polling stations on election day.

There are now six states planning to hold “all-mail” ballot elections in November – after California recently joined Utah, Hawaii, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington – and more could follow.

These states will automatically send all registered voters postal ballots, which then have to be sent back or dropped off on election day – although some in-person voting is still available in certain limited circumstances.

About half of US states allow any registered voter to vote by post on request.

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How will postal elections lead to fraud?

President Trump has said: “You get thousands and thousands of people sitting in somebody’s living room, signing ballots all over the place.”

Critics say people could vote more than once via absentee ballots and in person.

Currently, there is no evidence proving fraud and several nationwide studies suggest mail-in ballots are trustworthy.


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