Weightlifting federation halts use of China-made equipment

China-made equipment
The sets were spoilt. We can’t use them now,” National coach Vijay Sharma told PTI.

The Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWLF) halts the usage of China’s equipment over defects. The federation called for a boycott on Monday for the China-made sports apparatus after the violent clash between the two countries in the Himalayan region.

The equipment is made by the Chinese company “ZKC” and comprises of barbells and weight plates. Four sets of barbells and Weights Plates were deemed faulty and the weightlifters are no longer using them. 

“We should boycott all Chinese equipment. The Indian Weightlifting Federation has taken the decision that it will not use any equipment made in China,” IWLF secretary general Sahdev Yadav told PTI.

The IWLF confirmed in a letter to the Sports Authority of India about its decision to boycott the equipment made in China,

“In a letter to SAI we have written that IWLF won’t be using the Chinese equipment,” he said. Read More– Chinese foreign ministry claims Galwan Valley

“In future also we will not use made in China sets. We will use sets made by Indian origin companies or any other company but not from China,” Yadav added.

National coach Vijay Sharma stated the plates were found to be defective and substandard when weight lifters started using them after lockdown restrictions were eased last month.

“The sets were spoilt. We can’t use them now,” Sharma told PTI.

“All the weightlifters in the camp are against China. They have stopped using Chinese apps like TikTok. Even while ordering things online, they check where the product has been manufactured,” he added.

Sharma further stated the equipment was ordered from China to familiarize lifters because the equipment will be used in the Tokyo Olympics.

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“We had ordered four sets from China for Olympics training a year ago. Now, since we have resumed training post the lockdown we haven’t used them. All the lifters are against the use of Chinese equipment,” he said.

The BCCI is also reviewing the IPL’s sponsorship deals with China, including a deal with the Chinese mobile company VIVO later this week.


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