Wayfair human trafficking conspiracy theory

Wayfair human trafficking conspiracy theory

People are accusing Wayfair of selling “missing children’ on their e-furniture store website where cabinets and throw pillows are listed for $12K wit names of missing children. 

The conspiracy started when people noticed the American e-commerce furniture online store selling the identical products with exorbitant prices and unusual names for each item. The conspiracy theory started trending online on Friday morning.

Some people believe the e-commerce company is selling ‘missing children’ through their extremely high-priced cabinets and pillows that cost around $10,000 to $12,000. Twitter users posted pictures of the products that are on the company website along with people’s names. Users said that although the boxes were almost identical, most of them had different names of missing children, particularly girls. One user wrote: “So all the names pull up missing females I searched for Neriah and she is missing since 2010 YARITZA is also a missing female.”

Another user wrote: “People are suspecting that they’re selling people in these large boxes/storage cabinets on Wayfair.They all are the same products but have different names, all female names. And they are priced $10k-15k more than the cabinets sold elsewhere. #ChildTrafficking.” 

Suspicious Wayfair listings removed after conspiracy theory goes viral

Suspicious Wayfair listings removed after conspiracy theory goes viral

Many other Twitter users claim after the conspiracy theory became trending on social media, some of the listings if the suspicious cabinets and particular other listings disappeared. Some suggested that the listings could still be google searched for people interested in the listings.

“People don’t believe me but now it’s not coming up on the website but you can still find it on google,” one user  wrote. “What I’m not understanding is how did the people running Wayfair not question the fact that people are selling cabinets with specific Girls names for over $10k?” another added.

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One user replied to the thread to add that an investigation had started on the case. “Somebody posted about this on Reddit and their account got reported. Another person talked to Wayfair for an explanation about costs/specs and they could not give an answer. They called the trafficking hotline and they are reportedly opening a case. We’ll see how this turns out.” 


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