Walmart announces mandatory face masks in all stores

Walmart announces mandatory face masks in all stores

Walmart announces it will make face masks mandatory in all US stores. The world’s largest retailer announced, “We don’t currently… mandate that in our other stores, but that’s obviously something that’s on our minds,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said on Monday, July 13.

The CDC recommends people wear face masks in public because it helps prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Many US states have imposed a type of face mask requirement, and some businesses even refuse to provide service unless the customer is wearing a face mask in their store. In early May Costco applied a face mask policy. Also Read– Wearing a Face Mask Could Prevent Second Wave of Covid19

The Retail Industry Leaders Association which represents big retail chains prefers that governments set this rule rather than stores. They believe different rules all across the United States have caused confusion among customers. Some people who refuse to wear face masks argue that the requirement violates their rights. One lady at a Los Angeles Trader Joe’s made an angry scene after she was told to wear a face mask. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, Walmart announced mandatory face masks in all stores. 

Walmart workers at higher risk of infection without masks

Stores hold the right to refuse service to people who do not wear a face mask on their private property. However stores are required under federal law to make accommodations for people with disabilities such as asthma.

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According to reports by the CDC, people who wear face masks are protecting others in case they are spreading the virus without realizing it. Retail employees are more vulnerable because they have more contact with people throughout the day. Since the start of the virus more than 82 retail workers in the grocery industry have died from the virus.  “We urge shoppers to think of themselves, think of their families, and think of us when they are at the store. Please wear a mask,” UFCW member Susan Hernandez said.


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