Twenty 5G Towers Consecutively Targeted in Link to Coronavirus Conspiracy

LONDON: Due to the recent spread of a Coronavirus conspiracy theory, 20 5G towers have repeatedly been the subject of arson attacks. In the span of a couple days, 7 5G towers were attacked and 3 towers were burned.

This conspiracy theory which supposes that the novel coronavirus was spread and caused by the 5G towers has quickly trended across Britain. A large group of people have fallen prey to the conspiracy theory and have attacked the towers in grief and anger.

The British government has debunked the theory and claim it to be baseless. Police confirmed out of the many attacks on the towers, a 5G tower supplying a Birmingham hospital was also targeted. Police have arrested two people linking them to the incident.

A few days ago, the British Cultural Secretary stated, action will be taken against the individuals involved in these attacks and this behaviour will not be tolerated.

Telecom Tower wires that were demaged by an arson attack in Birmingham

NHS director, Professor Steve has previously confirmed that the coronavirus conspiracy theory is baseless and fake. The coronavirus has spread to countries such as Iran and Japan where 5G has not been introduced. He added that the introduction of 5G will be beneficial after the slow down in the economy due to the world wide lockdowns. The NHS Director is baffled at the spread of this conspiracy theory and the resulting damage to the countries infrastructure.


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