Trump unveils new COVID adviser in favour of reopening schools

President Donald Trump unveiled a new COVID19 adviser who is in favour of reopening schools amidst the pandemic. Trump turned to the new adviser whose views match his own after many clashes with his top public health advisers over reopening schools.

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On Monday, the president said that the new adviser, Scott Atlas, a healthcare policy expert at the conservative Hoover Institution at Stanford University, “will be working with us on the coronavirus”, adding that Atlas “has many great ideas”.

The new adviser, Scot Atlas is more in tune with the president’s view about the pandemic after his clash with the top health officials, Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci.

Both Birx and Fauci have concerns that they raised with the president about the disastrous spread of Covid-19 in the US and the danger of allowing students to return to school.

Last month, Atlas said the idea that schools could not reopen after the summer break was “hysteria” and “ludicrous”. The new White House adviser has also called for college football to resume – a favored move by conservatives – despite a surge in virus cases in many states.

“The environment of college sports is very sophisticated, it is controlled, there is accountability. The athletes couldn’t get a better and safer environment,” Atlas told Fox News earlier this week.

“Young people that age, without a co-morbidity, have virtually a zero risk from this. The risk is less than seasonal influenza. There is such fear in the community, and unfortunately, it’s been propagated by people doing sloppy thinking and sensationalistic media reporting.”

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