Trump says nationwide mail-in voting would be ‘catastrophic’

Trump says nationwide mail-in voting would be ‘catastrophic’.  The President has previously criticized mail-in voting and continues to urge mail voting would make the US “a laughing stock”. He continues his vocal opposition to postal voting before the upcoming November elections.

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The President’s plea comes after the US Postal Service (USPS) warned that millions of mail-in votes might not arrive in time to be counted in November’s election.

A significant number of people are expected to vote by mail due to the fear of transmission of COVID-19.

Critics have blamed the new USPS head – a loyal supporter of President Donald Trump – for a slowdown in deliveries.

Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, have accused Mr. Trump of attacking the USPS in a bid to “undermine the election”. Celebrity Taylor Swift joined critics of the president’s actions, accusing him of “calculated dismantling” of the postal service.

The president has repeatedly said mail-in ballots will lead to voting fraud and give a boost to his rival Democrat Joe Biden.

However, experts say the mail-in voting system, which Mr. Trump himself uses, is safe from fraud. However, Trump continues to say nationwide mail-in voting would be ‘catastrophic’ to the elections.

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