Trump lags behind in major Republican state for 96 years

Trump lags behind in major Republican state for 96 years

President Donald Trump is lagging behind in a state no Republican has ever won without in 96 years. A CNN/SSRS poll reports that former Vice President Joe Biden is leading in the state of Florida by a 51% to 46% margin over the President among registered voters.

Another previous poll by Quinnipiac University released earlier this week also showed Biden with a 51% to 38% lead.

Impossible for President Trump to win without Florida

The President’s lag in Florida polls is one of the biggest  warning signs yet for his campaign. Although there are still 100 days to go, it is possible to close the gap in Florida. Also Read– Mary Trump witnessed President Trump’s racist slurs

If the President wants to be elected for a second term, then Florida is the bellwether state that most meets the definition of “must win” for Trump. 

Trump lags behind in major Republican state for 96 years

No Republican has ever won the presidential race without Florida since Calvin Coolidge in 1924. Moreover, Florida is a state that leans to the right of the nation. 

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Joe Biden on the other hand, has a clear path to 270 electoral votes without Florida. From polls released from Michigan and Pennsylvania, Biden has a 6 to 12 point lead. High quality polls from June showed Biden had an average 10-point lead in Wisconsin.  If Biden adds these states to his column plus the 232 electoral votes from the states Hillary Clinton won in 2016, he gets to 278 electoral votes. Florida is worth 29 electoral votes and gives Biden a strong backup option.


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