Trump Jr.’s Trip To Mongolia Used $75k In Taxpayer Money

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Trump Jr. Used $75,000 of Tax Payer Money for Mongolian Sheep Hunting Trip

According to documents collected by a government watchdog group, Trump Jr.’s trip to Mongolia last August to hunt a special breed of sheep cost taxpayers over $75,000 in secret service.

The document revealed by a non-profit group called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington showed Trump Jr.’s trip had expenses totaling $76,859.36 for secret service.

Trump Jr.’s worker later revealed the trip to Mongolia was paid for personally by Trump Jr. with the exception of secret service.

Trump Jr. has previously received criticism for his “big game” hunting trips by animal rights groups

Trump Jr. shared pictures on Instagram from his trip to Mongolia with one of his sons. He told viewers on twitter; he spent a week “living the yurt life” along with a picture of him and his son in front of a tent. The pair can be seen in another picture trailing behind a herd of sheep.

During his trip, Trump Jr. also met with the Mongolian President Khaltmaagiin Battulga just weeks after the President made a visit to the United States to discuss relations between the two countries.

The eldest three children of President Trump have been scrutinized by groups such as CREW for their recurring trips during their father’s presidency, at the cost of tax payer’s money.

Trump Jr. also shared pictures on twitter from his trip to Mongolia with one of his sons.

The children of the President of the United States are not obligated to use the secret service.


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