Trump blames California fires on poor forest management

Trump blames California fires on poor forest management. The president dismissed concerns over climate change on a visit to fire-ravaged California, telling an official there it would “start getting cooler”.

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Blazes in California, Oregon, and Washington state have burned almost 2m hectares of land. The wildfire crises have killed at least 35 people since early August.

Climate change skeptic President Trump blames the crisis on poor forest management.

Earlier on Monday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called Trump “a climate arsonist”.

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Furthermore, during his visit to the US West Coast, Trump repeated his argument that poor forest management was to blame for the fires. He met Californian officials involved in the battle against the wildfires at a stop near Sacramento, in the center of the state. Trump blames California

Trump dismisses one official’s plea to not “ignore the science” on climate change. He then said: “It’ll start getting cooler, you just watch… I don’t think science knows actually.”


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