Toughest headphones even a DJ can’t break

Toughest headphones even a DJ can’t break? One of the main reasons why headphones can be delicate is that they have several moving parts inside. In fact, the concept behind those moving parts has not been altered much since speakers were first introduced in the early 20th Century.

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By passing an electrical current through a piece of wire placed near a magnet, you can make the wire move. Attach a thin sheet of material (diaphragm) to the wire and the vibrations will deliver sound.

The so-called moving coil system has become much more sophisticated over the years. Better materials and clever electronics have improved the sound quality, and speakers have shrunk to a size that can fit into the ear.

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New, toughest headphones will revolutionize the market

Making robust headphones is just one of the missions of xMEMs, a Silicon Valley firm that believes its technology can revolutionize the headphones.

The Silicon Valley firm, xMEMs has refined the technique in producing sound and says its speakers can match the very best sound produced the traditional way.

Furthermore, their speaker is very small and can be produced in the same way as a computer chip. Six of the little speakers can sit on one chip and, with everything in one place, the device is robust and waterproof.

“You’re getting next level mechanical shock resistance,” says Mike Housholder, VP of marketing at xMEMS. “You can drop a tray of these on the earbud assembly line, they’re not going to break.”

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Additionally, Mr Housholder expects the first headphones using his company’s technology to hit the market next April.


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