The UN is worried about the attack in Afghanistan

attack in Afghanistan
The total number of infected patients in Afghanistan is over 29,000 with a death toll of 598

The United Nations is concerned about the deliberate attacks on health care workers and facilities in Afghanistan, especially since the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a report by the UN mission in Afghanistan, “harm to healthcare workers, damage to healthcare facilities and other ways in which parties to the conflict have interfered with necessary healthcare, both as a result of targeted attacks as well as from ongoing fighting”.

The document states that 15 incidents occurred affecting healthcare workers of which 12 were deliberate attacks and the remaining 3 attacks were incidental harm. Most of the attacks, specifically 8 deliberate attacks and 2 incidental attacks were linked to the Taliban.Also Read– Libyan Warns Egypt from intervening and backing Khalifa Haftar

Of the 15 attacks on healthcare workers and facilities, 3 were attributed to the Afghan national security. One attack was incidental and the other attack happened during a clash between the Taliban and the Afghan national security. The most brutal attack on a maternity ward in a hospital in Kabul has not been attributed to any group yet.

According to the UN these deliberate attacks on healthcare workers and facilities, “are prohibited under international humanitarian law and constitute war crimes”.

“The Un secretary-general’s special representative for Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons, said:

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At a time when an urgent humanitarian response was required to protect every life in Afghanistan, both the Taliban and Afghan national security forces carried out deliberate acts of violence that undermined healthcare operations. There is no excuse for such actions; the safety and wellbeing of the civilian population must be a priority.”

The total number of infected patients in Afghanistan is over 29,000 with a death toll of 598.


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