The Black Players for Change protest during Miami-Orlando City SC match

The Black Players for Change protest

On Wednesday, before the Miami-Orlando City SC match of the MLS is Back Tournament, the Black Players for Change held a protest, raising their fists in the air demanding social justice for Black people in America. The protest consisted of over 170 participants and was the first move by the collective group.

The protest was held by the Black Players Coalition also known as The Black Players for Change. The protest took place prior to the Inter Miami CF and Orlando City SC kick-off at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida. Also Read– NFL to play Black anthem before each game

The coalition’s executive director, Justin Morrow, said more than 170 Black players from the MLS were expected to participate. The  Inter Miami CF and Orlando City SC match was the first in MLS since March 8.

MLS Players standing up for racial equality 

Morrow said the protest’s message is “purely about standing up for our brothers and sisters in this fight for racial equality and human rights.”

“We were very adamant that this message and this protest came from us and it was authentic,” Morrow said in a phone interview Wednesday. 

Morrow further added that some players were not able to participate because of personal and health reasons.

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“We’ve seen time and time again, the cycle of violence that happens in North America, where someone is killed – a Black man, or a Black woman is killed – and something else happens and people forget,” Morrow said. “It’s our responsibility to carry this message and make sure that (forgetting) does not happen again.”


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