Severe thunderstorms hit Minnesota

Severe thunderstorms hit Minnesota

Severe thunderstorms to hit Minnesota and parts of western Wisconsin Saturday evening. 

Severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect in parts of northern Minnesota. Other non-severe storms are also moving through the Twin Cities in the same time frame. Tornado warnings earlier in the day may have expired, but the threat remains. The Twin Cities also have an Excessive Heat Warning in place all the way to the southwest portion of the state. Also Read– Scientists say Siberia’s weather is an “alarming sign”

Severe thunderstorms have been hitting Minnesota throughout the weekend. Friday’s severe thunderstorm left wind damage in northern Minnesota and thousands of Minnesotans without power.

The Twin Cities had actual temperatures near 90 degrees all day Saturday but with the high humidity, temperatures rose to somewhere between 100 and 108 degrees.

Incoming eastern-moving cold front and oppressive dew points have formed the thunderstorm, which will stay around til midnight. Some bigger threats include possible straight-line winds and big hail, as well as tornadoes.

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The humidity will decrease and winds will pick up on Sunday, with a high of 86. Furthermore, storm chances will return on Tuesday and more heat is expected next weekend.


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