Sen. Warren says if everyone votes, Trump will lose

Sen. Warren says if everyone votes, Trump will lose. Senator Elizabeth Warren believes people have become numb to President Trump’s lies.

“Of course Trump lied. I think that’s exactly what this proves,” the former presidential candidate said in a NowThis Instagram Live on Wednesday, one day after the Senate Intelligence Committee issued the final, damning chapter of its investigative report on the 2016 elections.

“No one gets really excited about this anymore because we have become just so numb to this man’s lies, but I’m so glad you’ve raised this because we can’t become numb to it,” Warren told NowThis.

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Warren questioned Senate Republicans for writing this damning report while also helping Trump obstruct the impeachment investigation earlier this year. The Senate GOP resisted calls to bring witnesses into the trial, voting against it.

“This is about Trump, but it’s also about every single senator who signed off at that impeachment and said, we’re not even going to ask. … We’re not going to bring in a single witness. That was so fundamentally wrong,” Warren said.

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She added: “And now this report comes out … they have to admit the report is right because it’s their report, but they want there to be no consequences. They hope they’ve waited late enough that it won’t affect Donald Trump. And it won’t affect their own elections. Well, that’s what accountability is about. We need to hold them all accountable.”

Sen. Warren urges people to unite

Sen. Warren says if everyone votes, Democrats have a chance at flipping majority control of the Senate this fall. She said the lack of witnesses in the Senate trial during which Trump was ultimately acquitted “undermines what our democracy is all about.”

“So when you’re out there voting, keep that one in mind. We need not only to take back the White House, we need to take back the Senate. Everyone who wants to affiliate with that Republican Party as part of how they run for office, hold them accountable up and down the ticket, vote Democrat.”


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