Riots in Germany leave dozens arrested and injured

Riots in Germany leave dozens arrested
Germany, According to police, they have arrested 24 suspects, of which half are German.

Violent riots and mass looting started in the Germany city of Stuttgart after police conducted a routine drug arrest on Saturday night. The incident resulted in 24 arrests and 19 police officers injured, according to authorities.

The mayor of Stuttgart Fritz Kuhn denounced the riots, he called the riots “unacceptable,” and emphasized his support for law enforcement. He further made statements to make a point that “violence against emergency services is not tolerated.”

The riots began after police made an arrest in the city center relating to reports of drug dealing.A crowd of partygoers in the area then allegedly attacked the police officers on scene as a symbol of solidarity with the arrested suspect. Also Read–Another confederate statue torn down by protesters in Richmond

The police initially tried to control the riots using pepper spray however, the situation escalated quickly. The police soon had over 100 rioters hurdling stone, bottles, and items found from a nearby construction site.

Smaller groups of rioters moved around damaging city property such as billboards and vandalizing. More than 30 stores were damaged, and around 9 reported looting. According to a government statement 12 police cars were “massively damaged”.

“Vehicles were hit with poles, posts and windows were smashed,” the police said.

Around 300 police officers were initially deployed to the scene including federal police. The riots finally died down before dawn.

According to police, they have arrested 24 suspects, of which half are German.

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The President of Police Franz Lutz called the riots “an attack on the city,” and further said he had never seen anything like it in his 46 years in the police force.


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