Republican National Convention PREVIEW

Republican National Convention is next week and we’re gradually learning more about what it might entail – though some details are still unknown. The Republican party will anoint President Trump as the nominee for the party’s presidential candidate at the convention.

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Previous conventions were known for their glitz, glamour and large crowds. However, this year will be different due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump early on spoke of a packed convention center without any distancing or mask-wearing – but things have changed a bit since then.

Unlike its Democratic counterpart, the Republican Convention still plans on hosting some in-person business, and NPR reports people will need to wear masks and social distance. Republicans in Charlotte will also don Bluetooth badges that allow for tracking and contact tracing.

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Those attending will also be given a self-swab Covid-19 test before traveling and entering their hotels in Charlotte, and temperature checks.

Republican National Convention whereabouts

Republicans originally planned to host the convention in Charlotte – a strong republican city in 2016.

However, in June, North Carolina’s governor (a Democrat) announced the Republican convention would need to follow public health measures like limiting the number of people inside the venue and wearing masks.

Convention planners then started searching for a new spot, which led them to Jacksonville, Florida: a pro-Trump region in a Republican-led state.

But then the Sunshine State started spiking in Covid-19 cases and the thought of thousands of people at an indoor event over the better part of a week worried the organizers.

So it was moved back to Charlotte where the current plan is to have a “business-only”, scaled-down gathering in North Carolina.


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