‘Raven’s Home’ and BUNK’D’ crossover

‘Raven’s Home’ and BUNK’D’ crossover

Disney Channel’s new crossover is Raven About BUNK’D which will air July 24 at 8pm. The new episode is a combination of the Raven’s Home and BUNK’D casts for the first time. Hollywood life interviewed Raven-Symone and Miranda May about characters Raven and Lou meeting at Camp Kikiwaka.

“I think at first, obviously, Lou has never met a stranger in her life, so she’s all about it,” Miranda told HollywoodLife. “I think it takes Raven a second to hop on the Lou train. But she does. She loves her. She couldn’t resist.” Also Read– ‘Blindspot’ Series Finale: Jane Doe’s Fate

Raven added, “I love playing off of Lou because when I watched BUNK’D I’m just like, ‘That girl is hilarious.’ I look at her as a professional first, and then I look at the character.” Raven said it “brought me joy to do my character with her. I think our banter is interesting. I think it’s super honest and hilarious for our characters.”

The crossover of Raven’s Home and BUNK’D was a blast for all actors involved. “It was awesome to see everybody have somebody,” Miranda revealed. “To bring our friendship our work life was very fun… It was fun to see people have fun doing what they love.”

‘Raven’s Home’ and BUNK’D’ crossover

Being a Disney Channel crossover, the show could not go without a musical moment. “There is a huge musical moment!” Raven declared. “You can’t have a Disney event without music, come on!”  Although Raven was a little “mad” that she didn’t have a moment in the musical, she is excited for the crossover.

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The overview of the episode reads:  “Raven, Chelsea, Booker, Nia, Levi and Tess set out on a long road trip to Maine’s Camp Champion, but a GPS glitch sends them off course to Camp Kikiwaka, a place with an uncertain future even for those who can catch a glimpse of the future. While Raven and Chelsea hunt for Maine lobster, the kids make arts and crafts and develop feats of engineering, and then set out to find the camp’s infamous “Snipe” in Moose Rump’s Forbidden Forest. The adventure also includes celebrity piglets, hidden tunnels and a musical performance, as the newcomers forge a camaraderie with Lou, Noah, Ava, Destiny, Gwen, Finn and Matteo – and set out to own the summer.”


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