Rapper Chika’s cameo in Project Power

Rapper Chika’s cameo in the Netflix original film, Project Power has fans cheering all over social media. Throughout the film, rapper Robin played by Dominique Fishback is challenged as to whether or not she can actually rap. At one point in the film, she completely demolishes a teacher with her lyrical flow with the help of a classmate, played by real-life rapper Chika.

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Not only did 23-year-old rapper Chika have a cameo in the film, but she also wrote all the rap verses performed by Robin as well as the song “My Power,” which plays over the end credits.

Chika unveiled in the Netflix production notes that “Jamie Foxx saw my Instagram and saw me rapping and thought I was dope and he wasn’t incorrect.” I have to agree with Foxx on that one, as “My Power” will be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future — it’s that good. After all, “my word is my power power” and I stand by the fact that Chika, who released her EP Industry Games in March, is one to watch.

Project Power music and rapper Chika’s cameo inspired by 8 Mile

Screenwriter Matt Tomlin discussed the idea behind Project Power and the essential role of music in the Netflix drama.

“When I first started writing, you always think what are the comps on this movie? What’s going to influence me? 8 Mile was a big one. I [told] the producers and directors the whole time, ‘There’s got to be an end credits song. It’s got to blow people’s minds and there has to be this kind of musical component to it,'” Tomlin said.

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“On the one hand, thematically it resonates. What is Robin’s power? Well, power doesn’t come in a pill, power comes from within you and that’s so much of what’s interesting to me. But also, rap is awesome. It’s just another way to connect with this character and go on this journey with her as she’s literally finding her voice,” Tomlin added.

Popular reviews of Project Power

Rotten Tomatoes critic Jason Fraley wrote, “Netflix’s Project Power offers a unique twist on the concept of super powers.”

Indian Express Entertainment agreed, “Project Power is one of those Netflix movies that you wish you saw on the big screen.”

“That’s the tweet. Every adult, children especially, needs to listen to her words. The classroom scene!” @HandWShow tweeted. “Congrats to a fantastic soundtrack!” @oranicuhh tweeted.

“Chika really ate her role in this Netflix film. The freestyles, the music, the vibes,” @realliroe stated.


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