Putin’s disinfectant tunnel installed in the Kremlin

President putin
Due to the spread of the coronavirus Disinfectant tunnels have been built at the Putin's residence in Moscow

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson confirmed that disinfectant tunnels have been built at the President’s residence in Moscow and at the Kremlin.

The news of the installation was first revealed on Tuesday by RIA-Novosti, a state news agency. Also Read- Beijing takes “wartime” measures to contain a new outbreak

In a conference call with the President’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov said, “Such disinfectant equipment is installed in the Kremlin too, there are even two tunnels there, and in Novo-Ogaryovo, which you know is the main work base for the President, he hold[s] a lot of events there and goes back and forth to the Kremlin.”

Additionally he said, “This is [in] connection with the epidemiological situation, they were installed at the peak of the epidemic.”

Peskov continued to say, “You know that there are still some restrictions in place, even though largely they have been lifted. But still masks and gloves remain, and of course when it comes to the head of state additional safety measures are justified and understandable.”

Russia ranks just behind the US and Brazil in number of infections

People have criticized Putin for what they consider his premature celebration and declarations of control over the virus.

Russia has reported more than 550,000 infected patients and 7,400 deaths ranking it just being The United States and Brazil.

Mizotty is the company working on the tunnel for approximately three weeks. Natalya Spirina, the deputy head of the company said, “We’ve started making these tunnels three weeks ago, we launched the production because obviously amid the coronavirus pandemic many companies faced closures.”

“We were quarantined for a week and remotely decided that we need to come up with new equipment that would fit all the criteria in terms of fighting coronavirus and created this rig for sanitizers.”

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Spirina said the tunnels use an antiseptic spray called Anolit to disinfect everyone passing through. She said the substance is approved by the consumer rights ministry.


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