Officers who killed Elijah McClain reassigned over safety concerns

Ahmaud Arbery

Three police officers involved in the death of African American Elijah McClain last year have been repositioned to “nonenforcement” duties following safety concerns.

The Colorado death is now being investigated after social media outbursts on the fatal incident of McClain while in police custody in August last year. Also Read- Police Officer Involved in George Floyd Case Released on Bail

On June 13, officers Jason Rosenblatt and Nathan Woodyard were reassigned to administrative duties. A week later officer Randy Roedema was also reassigned.

The officers were moved over safety concerns as various police and employees received threats and complaints, according to a spokeswoman for the Aurora Police Department.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis stated his administration would reexamine McClain’s case after his family made pleas for over a year.

“Last year, we stood on the municipal center steps demanding an investigation and what did we hear then? Crickets,” said Mari Newman, an attorney for the McClain family.

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“Why did it take almost a year, international media attention, millions of people signing a petition for a responsible adult to finally step up and do what should have happened right from the outset?”


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