Newsom orders new restrictions on 19 California counties

new restrictions on 19 California counties

Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the shutdown of indoor restaurants, wineries, movie theaters, and other businesses in 19 counties with spiking coronavirus cases on Wednesday. He said this is an attempt to prevent the pandemic from getting out of control in California.

Newsom had lifted the stay-at-home orders starting in May when the curve of infections seemed to have flattened. He once again ordered people to stay at home in counties on the “watch list” for spiking the number of cases and hospitalizations. His announcement came as a warning before the Fourth of July weekend where family gatherings pose a higher chance of spreading the virus. Also Read– Pope Francis warns people from returning to the “illusion of individualism”

This is the most significant step taken since last week when a surge in coronavirus cases in California became apparent.

“We’ve seen increased activity where people simply aren’t able to practice social distancing,” Newsom said at a briefing. “When we talk about this dimmer switch, it’s not an on-and-off switch. It’s based upon local conditions.”

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The new restrictions require restaurants, tasting rooms, wineries, family entertainment centers, museums,  movie theaters, cardrooms, and zoos in 19 counties to stop all indoor operations for three weeks. He also closed indoor and outdoor operations for all bars and breweries in the 19 counties. 


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