New data reveals fires in the Amazon could be as bad as last year

Amazon Forest
IPAM: A combination of the dry weather, deforestation, and Covid-19 challenges, have created a “perfect storm” in the Brazilian Amazon

Scientists have revealed new data that indicates forest fires in the Brazilian Amazon are enroute to be as bad as last year. New data reports an estimation of 150,000 hectares of deforested land at risk.

According to the initiative of an Amazon Conservation group called The Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project (MAAP), most of the fires from last year occurred on deforested land rather than in the primary forest. This data was collected using satellites to track deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. The deforested land is intentionally burned for cattle ranching and farming.

The initiative of MAAP has tracked many large areas that have been recently deforested and categorizes them as sites at risk of fires this year. Also Read– Bill Gates Donating Millions to Most Impressive Covid-19 Vaccine

Matt Finer, a senior research specialist says, “Fire season doesn’t start out of nowhere in August — it started a year ago with deforestation.” He continued to state that the fires expected this year will be worse than that of last year. “We need the intensity of the rage and concern that people had back in August, we need that now to ratchet up the urgency of the situation.”

MAAP develops an app to help firefighters in the Amazon

Fire fighter in Amazon
After last year’s incidents, the Brazilian Army was sent to protect the forests however, the root cause, deforestation, has not been addressed.

The team at MAAP have developed an app to help firefighters control the fires and use resources effectively in the large area. The app is designed to locate the area of fires by tracking heat through satellites and monitoring the levels of particles in the atmosphere.

NASA has also released satellite data that suggests a more drier season in the forest which could amplify the risk of fires.

A combination of the dry weather, deforestation, and Covid-19 challenges, have created a “perfect storm” in the Brazilian Amazon, says reports from the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM).

This recent destruction is to be blamed on humans as natural forest fires do not happen in the Amazon due to high levels of humidity.

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IPAM’s director of science stated in a press conference, “All the fires we have seen in the Amazon have been set [intentionally]. Unlike some other forest systems that are dependent on fires, such as in California, Florida, or Australia, the Amazon doesn’t burn naturally.”


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