Moment of silence for 3 dead in terrorist-linked stabbing

London Attack
According to reports from a Western security source, the attacker was a 25 year old Libyan (Khairi Saadallah).

Three dead including one American and three injured in terrorism linked stabbing by 25-year-old Libyan.

The British town on Reading held a moment of silence on Monday for the three victims, including an American, killed in the terrorism linked stabbing.

Three other people were hospitalized for injuries after a man with a five-inch knife went rampant in a park on Sunday. The man randomly stabbed people enjoying their day at the park.

According to reports from a Western security source, the attacker was a 25 year old Libyan by the name of Khairi Saadallah.Also Read- Riots in Germany leave dozens arrested and injured

The police found no other accomplices related to the incident and have declared it linked to terrorism. The 25-year-old has been arrested. “What we saw here on Saturday evening in Reading was the actions of one lone individual,” said Home Secretary Priti Patel. She also confirmed The Philadelphia Inquirer said one of the victims was a citizen of the United States. 

The man was a US citizen by the name of joe Ritchie-Bennett aged 39 who was living in Britain for 15 years. 

The US ambassador Woody Johnson sent his condolences on twitter to the grieving families. He said, “To our great sorrow, this includes an American citizen.” 

A friend of Richie-Bennett, James Furlong, a teacher, aged 36 years was also killed in the incident. “He was beautiful, intelligent, honest, and fun,” his parents said. 

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The third victim is still unidentified.

According to the security source, Saadallah had come up on the radar of Britain’s domestic security agency, MI5 last year. The man came up for aspiring to travel for extremist purposes but his plans did not go through.


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