Master of comedy Carl Reiner is dead at 98

Carl Reiner is dead at 98

Performer, writer, and director Carl Reiner died on Monday night in his Beverly Hills home at the age of 98.

His daughter Annie Reiner confirmed his death.

Carl Reiner first gained national spotlight in 1950 on the television show “Your Show of Shows” which he wrote and acted in as Sid Caesar’s multi talented second banana. Approximately 10 years later, Reiner created “The Dick Van Dyke Show” which is one of the most celebrated comedies in history. He also created the hugely successful “2000 Year Old Man” records alongside Mel Brooks. He later wrote a novel “Enter Laughing” that became a Broadway play and one of his first movies he self directed. 

Some of Carl Reiner’s most famous roles were in “The Russians Are Coming, the Russians are Coming” and “Ocean’s Eleven”. Reiner was soon recognized by peers and aficionados for his contributions and was awarded with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. 

Reiner had many performances alongside Brooks and Caesar where he often portrayed the voice of sanity. Also Read– Katy Perry felt depressed after split with Orlando Bloom

“He was a comedian himself, and he truly understood and still understands comedy,” Mr. Caesar said of Mr. Reiner in his book “Caesar’s Hours” (2003). “Most people still don’t realize the importance of a straight man in comedy, or how difficult that role is. Carl had to make his timing my timing.”

Mr. Reiner was, Mr. Caesar said, “the best straight man I’ve ever worked with.”

The comedian contributed in many behind the scenes writing sessions in the writers’ rooms with the likes of Mr. Brooks and Neil Simon.

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“I became a writer because of that room,” he recalled. “I’d say something and somebody would yell: ‘What do you know? You’re not a writer.’ So I became a writer.”


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