Man Wins $45,000 in Case Against Employer Over Boring Job

Boring Job
48-year-old Desnard sued his employer for $400,000 in 2016 over his boring job

Frederic Desnard sued his employer over his boring job causing him depression. He worked at a perfume company called Interparfum for many years after which he developed depression. Desnard blamed his employer and his boring job for his deteriorating mental health.

The strange case started when 48-year-old Desnard sued his employer for $400,000 in 2016 over his boring job. Desnard developed depression from his boring job and had to take a leave for several months. He claimed that the company used this as a chance to fire him. After a long 4 years of litigation, Desnard finally won his case and received a paycheck of $45,000.

Desnard’s lawyer claimed that his job made him feel “destroyed” and “ashamed” and caused him to have an epileptic fit while driving. Paris’s appeals court ruled out that Desnard suffered from a “bore pout” due to being overworked by his employer.

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“I went into depression,” Desnard said. “I was ashamed to be paid to do nothing. The worse part of it was denying this suffering.”

This is the first verdict of its kind in France and will likely be set as a precedent for future cases


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