Man tries to flee hiding in ships AC vent with cash and a knife

Australian suspect of a sexual assault

An Australian suspect of a sexual assault case has been arrested after he tried to flee the country by hiding in a ships air-conditioning vent with a stash of cash and a knife.

Over the weekend, according to Australian Border Force, a cargo ship travelling for the city of Newcastle, New South Wales, met with a yacht in need of help off the coast of Yamba The crew of the cargo shipped attached a tow line to carry the yacht with them to Newcastle, and brought the yacht’s skipper on board.

It was later discovered at the destination that the yacht and the man were missing.Also Read– Two Prisoners Break Out of Prison and Leave Note to Return in 15 Days

The Border Force said the police could not locate the man in the area.

After further investigation, two days later, the man was found in the air-conditioning unit of the cargo ship. 

The man had planned to take a ride on the cargo ship from Australia to Malaysia. He had deliberately cut the yacht loose and hid himself in the AC vent of the cargo ship. 

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The man violated his bail over an alleged sexual assault. He was found with cash amounting to 4,435 Australian dollars and a knife, both of which the police have seized. The 31-year-old is expected to appear in court on Wednesday according to officials.


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