Man Finds 40 Baby Snakes in His AC

Snake pic
Pavli Khurd village: Farmer Finds 40 Snakes in His AC

A man found 40 baby snakes in his AC on Monday night in the village of Pavli Khurd. Shradhanand, a farmer in the Meerut district found a baby snake on the floor of his bedroom.

Without a second thought he removed the snake and left it outside. Later in the night he found 3 more baby snakes on his bed. After looking around the room, Shradhanand and his family members lifted the cover of his AC and found 40 baby snakes in a pipe leading to the AC.

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At this point, local people had gathered to see the spectacle. With the help of villagers, he removed the snakes, put them into a bag
and left them in a forest near the area.

Dr R.K Vatsal assessed the situation and concluded it is possible a snake laid the eggs in the unused air conditioner since it hadn’t been serviced for months, and once the eggs hatched, the snakes began to move out into the room.


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