Mail-in ballots face complications in Plymouth

Mail-in ballots face complications in Plymouth

The day before the primary in Plymouth, Massachusetts, mail-in ballots face complications. The town clerk said of the 13,000 ballots mailed, some 7,300 have, so far, made it back.

“I believe it was August 4 that we started sending out ballots, and it took about three weeks. The ballot applications didn’t stop, in fact, they’re still coming in so unfortunately not everyone will get a ballot,” said Plymouth Town Clerk Pearl Sears. Also Read — Sen. Warren says if everyone votes, Trump will lose

Governor Baker signs bill to allow mail-in voting

delays in US election results

Previously in July, Governor Charlie Baker signed a reform bill for mail-in ballots. It allows voters to cast their ballots by mail without an excuse. Ahead of the August 26 deadline, state officials said more than a million voters applied. By noon Monday, 60% had mailed ballots back.

“Every ballot that’s received [Tuesday] by mail will have to go to the polling place. But not by the voter, it’ll have to pre-checked at the city or town hall. That’s to verify that they’ve not already voted,” said Secretary of State William Galvin, expressing concerns for future complications.

Galvin states he’s confident in the process and the deadline. However, he was recently challenged by primary candidate Becky Grossman. Grossman fought for a 10-day extension of the deadline before the Supreme Judicial Court. A judge ended up ruling the deadline was reasonable and constitutional.

“The reason that we went to court is very simple, to make sure that every single vote that is cast is counted,” Grossman said. “Right now Donald Trump is actively trying to sabotage the postal service, he’s trying to undermine the process of vote by mail.”

The Newton councilwoman is now informing citizens during the last hours of her campaign to make sure they know their options. She’s one of nine candidates in a competitive race for Joe Kennedy’s seat, representing the fourth congressional district.


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