Lost ring on Florida beach found 18 years later

Lost ring on Florida beach

A woman from Georgia who had lost her class ring on a beach in Florida in 2002 has found the ring. A man with a metal detector found the ring 18 years later.

The man by the name of John Porcella said he usually uses his metal detector to search through the beach sand at Jacksonville Beach. On his most recent adventure, he found the 2001 class ring from Collins High School in Suwanee, Ga.

Porcella reached out to the school, who then identified that the ring belonged to a graduate names Amy Goetz. After trying to contact Goetz by the number on file did not work, Porcella tried contacting through email but received no reply.Also Read– New data reveals fires in the Amazon could be as bad as last year

The man also tried finding the woman on social media by to no avail.

Lastly, Porcella contacted the police who contacted Goetz and told her the story of her ring.

Goetz received the ring by mail this week and was happy to find it still fits on her finger. She believes she lost the ring on her trip to Jacksonville Beach in 2002.

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“I think it’s amazing,” Porcellatold reporters. “It got washed out into the ocean and then the ocean kicked it back up on the beach. I just happened to be right there at the right moment at the right time. I worked that area of the beach many, many times and never found it, and then all of a sudden I did. It’s interesting.”


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