Los Angeles police officers shot in ‘ambush’

Los Angeles police officers shot in an ‘ambush’ are recovering in hospital.

Video of the incident shows a person approach the two officers’ vehicle, before shooting and running away.

Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva called the act “cowardly”. The suspect currently remains at large.

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has announced a $100,000 (£78,000) reward for any information leading to the gunman’s arrest.

Protesters chanted anti-police slogans in front of the entrance to the emergency room where the two officers were being treated, according to witnesses.

Two people were arrested, including a journalist who police say tried to interfere with the arrest of the other detainee. Police also state the journalist did not identify herself as a member of the press.

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The reporter, Josie Huang, tweeted she had “thoughts and videos” to share, while her employer, NPR, said they were “appalled” by her arrest.

Two Los Angeles Police Officers in stable condition after ‘ambush’

The officers involved in the shooting have not been named but were described as a 31-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man.

Furthermore, the female officer was shot in the jaw and arms and was in a critical but stable condition after undergoing surgery, authorities said. The male officer was hit in the forehead, an arm, and a hand and was described as alert, ABC News reported.


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