Kim Jong-un suspends plans to increase military pressure on South Korea

North Korea military

North Korea has suspended plans of increasing military pressure on South Korea, after weeks of worsening ties and bombing a joint liaison office used for peace talks between the two countries.

The settlement came after Kim Jong-un met with the central military commission on Tuesday. The meeting “took stock of the prevailing situation” according to North Korean media.

The plans to increase military pressure on South Korea included deploying troops in the Mount Kumgang area and the Kaesong Industrial Zone, which is at the border between the two sides. The plans further included setting up police posts that had been previously removed from the demilitarized zone (DMZ) “to strengthen the guard over the front line,” according to reports.

No explanation has been given to the sudden suspension

The plan to increase pressure came after a group of defectors sent balloons filled with anti-North Korean leaflets into the DMZ. Also Read– Kim Jong-un “gets a laugh” over notion of friendship with Trump

North Korea states the act from South Korea is a violation of the agreement set in 2018 at their first summit. Both leaders had agreed to stop “all hostile acts and eliminating their means, including broadcasting through loudspeakers and distribution of leaflets” along their joint border.

On Monday, the group of defectors from South Korea sent 500,000 leaflets about “the truth of the Korean War” onto the North Korean side. The group also sent 500 booklets, 2000 American dollar bills, and 1000 SD cards.

As a result, North Korea cut communication with the South and blew up the joint liaison office which is situated in the town of Kaesong.

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No individual was injured as the office had been shut down due to the coronavirus. 


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