Kim Jong-un “gets a laugh” over notion of friendship with Trump

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A copy of "The Room Where It Happened," by former national security adviser John Bolton

The Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un “gets a laugh” at the idea that he has a friendship with Donald Trump, According to the president’s former national security adviser, John Bolton.

John Bolton sat with reporters for an interview to promote his new book “The Room Where It Happened” which was released on Tuesday.

When Bolton was asked about whether Mr Trump “really believes Kim Jong-Un loves him,” he said he had no further explanation for the statements by the president.Also Read– Trump to remove protection for big tech companies

“I think Kim Jong-un gets a huge laugh out of this. I mean, these letters that the president has shown to the press — off the record and whatnot, but I’ve been in the room when he’s done it — are written by some functionary in the North Korean Workers Party Agitprop Office,” Mr Bolton said, making reference to letters supposedly sent buy Kim Jong-un to Mr Trump.

“And yet, the president has looked at them as evidence of this deep friendship. Even if it were a deep personal relationship, it doesn’t change the fact Kim Jong-un is never going to give up his nuclear weapons program. And from the US national security point of view, that is the only thing that matters,” Mr Bolton said.

peace talk between US and North korea
Bolton feels President Trump was more concerned with meeting the North Korean leader than the issue of national security.

“That’s what he was focused on — that he had had this enormous photo opportunity. First time an American president has met with the leader of North Korea,” Mr Bolton said.

“And he got enormous attention from it. I thought it was a strategic mistake. The US itself got nothing from that. Donald Trump got a lot. The United States gave much more legitimacy to this dictator and didn’t accomplish anything toward any meaningful discussion on the elimination of their nuclear weapons program,” Mr Bolton said.

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Donald Trump has mentioned on several occasions that a face-to-face meeting with Kim Jong-un would make him a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. After meeting with Jong-un in Singapore in June 2018, Trump wanted to set up more meetings. Bolton believes the meetings are pointless because they do not generate a positive impact on US-North Korea relations.


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