Kennedy Grandson Defeated in Massachusetts Primary

First-ever, Kennedy Grandson defeated in the Massachusetts primary. US Representative Joseph Kennedy III has been defeated by Ed Markey in his bid to become a senator for Massachusetts. The grandson of assassinated presidential candidate Robert Kennedy lost the Democratic primary to Ed Markey on Tuesday.

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Markey, 74, will stand for another six-year term in the election on 3 November. It is the first time ever a member of the Kennedy dynasty has been defeated in a congressional vote in Massachusetts.

Kennedy, 39, is currently serving his fourth term in Congress and received a favorable response when he announced he would run for the seat. Despite the response, he was unable to defeat Mr. Markey.

He was supported by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Additionally, in 2018 Kennedy delivered the Democratic response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. Kennedy grandson defeated

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Kennedy Family Legacy Defeated in Massachusetts

Neither Joseph Kennedy III’s record nor his family’s legacy was enough to ensure victory against Markey. On the other hand, Markey is a political veteran who co-authored the Green New Deal with Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez.

“Our movement is fueled by young people who are not afraid to raise their voices or make enemies,” Mr. Markey wrote on Twitter after Tuesday’s primary.

“Tonight’s victory is a tribute to those young people and to their vision.”

Furthermore, politicians who are well-liked and not out-of-step with their constituents can be difficult to unseat.


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