Joe Biden speaks with Jacob Blake on Kenosha visit

Joe Biden speaks with Jacob Blake on Kenosha visit. US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke over the phone with Jacob Blake. Blake was shot in the back by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, sparking large protests.

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Jacob Blake currently remains in the hospital paralyzed. He said, “he was not going to give up” whether he walked again or not, according to Biden.

He was speaking at a church meeting in the city where the shooting took place.

President Donald Trump visited Kenosha on Tuesday.

The US leader surveyed areas damaged by the often violent protests that followed the shooting with messages of support for the police.

The President did not meet Blake’s family, claiming it was because they wanted lawyers present.

Overall, Wisconsin is an important state in the November presidential election.

Trump narrowly won it in 2016, and for decades the state has backed the eventual winner of the presidency whether Republican or Democrat.

Additionally, the president has been pushing a campaign message of “law and order”. However, Biden has accused Trump of stoking racial division.

Wisconsin’s Governor, Tony Evers, said he would “prefer that no-one be here, be it candidate Trump or candidate Biden”.

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