Hydroxychloroquine saved coronavirus patients

Hydroxychloroquine saved coronavirus patients

According to a new study Hydroxychloroquine saved certain hospitalized coronavirus patients without heart-related side effects.

On Thursday the study was published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases and has provided another curve in the ongoing research. The study examined results from 2.541 patients hospitalized for the infectious disease between March 10 and May 2 across six hospitals. As a result, only 18% of those patients died in the hospital.

The study also revealed that out of those who were given Hydroxychloroquine as part of early treatment, only 13% died compared to 26% of those patients who did not receive the drug. The mortality rate was higher for those older than 65, white, and who were admitted with low oxygen levels. Among those patients many also had other underlying diseases, including chronic kidney and lung disease.

Hydroxychloroquine needs to be given before the patient suffers

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The head of infectious disease at Henry Ford Health System, Dr. Marcus Zervos stated that the results of the Henry Ford system varied from other studies. Also Read– America sees a disturbing new surge in COVID-19 cases

“There’s variability in the literature on outcomes with hydroxychloroquine … What we think was important in our study was our patients were treated early. And for hydroxychloroquine to have a benefit, it needs to be given before the patient suffers some of the severe immune reaction that can occur with COVID.”

He further added that Hydroxychloroquine must be used in combination with other treatments in order to see positive results. He said the drug could be beneficial to countries that lack access to antiviral drugs.

“Many of these countries could be low-income settings. They don’t have access to Remedy Sivir. Ramdev Sivir is going to be expensive. Hydroxychloroquine is inexpensive. So I think the drug does have a role,” Zerovos said. 

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Hydroxychloroquine is sold in the generic form or under the brand name Plaquenil and is used to treat or prevent malaria.


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