Grey’s Anatomy actress’s missing sister never found

Grey’s Anatomy actress’s missing sister never found

Lesley Herring, the older sister of Aasha Davis who had roles in Grey’s Anatomy and Friday Night Lights, went missing and was never found. Dateline NBC will be having an episode on Lesley Herring’s disappearance.

The Grey’s Anatomy actress’s sister went missing in 2009 in the Los Angeles area, and was never found. Aasha Davis, Lesley’s younger sister, told CBS News at the time she believed something bad had happened to her.

“I think something terrible might have happened to her, just because I know that my sister would be in contact with us. She would want us to know where she was. She would know that we would worry about her so much,” Davis said. “But my hope is that she’s OK and that she just needs to know that we want her home soon and that we miss her and love her and that she’s safe to come home.” Also Read– Tom Bergeron fired from ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Lesley’s family believes she might have run away from her husband Lyle Stanford Herring Sr. however, evidence indicates it is highly unlikely as she left behind her purse, phone, and more than $26,000 in her savings account.

Lesley’s family initially filed a report for two missing persons

Grey’s Anatomy actress’s missing sister never found

When Lesley did not show up for work in February 2009, her family filed a missing persons report for her and her husband Lyle who was also missing.

The family claims they did not hear from Lyle for over two weeks after the pair went missing.

“We searched for him for almost two weeks after she disappeared. And we could not get any response from him,” she said. “Once he returned, he was very difficult to contact. We could contact him through e-mail, and he would choose what he would answer, what questions, and most of the time they weren’t about my sister. They were only about him.”

When Lyle finally showed up, he immediately became a suspect. According to reports, Lyle was in Mexico for the two weeks the pair were missing. Lyle claims he went to Mexico to look for Lesley when she disappeared. The couple had planned a trip to Mexico for Valentine’s Day.

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Lyle was eventually charged with second-degree murder in 2010 when a cadaver dog identified human remains in both Lyle’s Cadillac and Mitsubishi SUV. In 2013, Lyle was convicted and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.


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