Greek Police arrest fake doctor who killed 3 people

Doctor Arrest

The Greek police arrested a 47-year-old man who was posing as a doctor. The fake doctor caused the death of 3 people, including 2 children.

According to police, the man told his patients to stop other treatments and use his own alternative method instead. The statement by police said the man would approach people with late-stage or terminal illnesses.

His patients were aged 14, 16, and 76 who have died.Also Read-Couple kills their son by forcing him to drink water

The man was handed over to prosecutors after being arrested in Athens on Tuesday. He has been charged for homicide, drug trafficking, counterfeiting and fraud. Around 45 people were deceived by the fake doctor.

The arrested man used substances containing cannabis

The man has been under investigation for over a year. Police say he was pretending to be a neurosurgeon, neurologist, and a physiotherapist. He also faked as a researcher in pediatric surgery and oncology at a medical center in Switzerland. Furthermore, he pretended to be a member of some greek families, an air force pilot, an Executive at the International Committee of the Red Cross.

fake doctor
Health officials have warned people from accepting treatment that does not follow science.

Police say the man pretended to be a doctor and treated his patients with a, “substances of unknown origin and chemical composition, without medical indications.” Some of the substances used by the fake doctor contained cannabis.

Reports indicate he accompanied patients to examinations and surgeries and took large sums of money from them. He scammed the patients who died in his care for around 58,000 Euros and in one case received around 15,000 euros.

People have reported the man to have had three accomplices. Police confiscated two airguns, doctor ID stickers, two knives, notes, herbs, and CDs.

The president of the Athens Medical Association said, “The heinous crime of the ruthless swindler who exploited the pain of patients and endangered human lives, even minors, is outrageous,” he said.

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“The Athens Medical Association services are working intensely to check the diplomas of the members of the Association, despite the fact that some foreign Universities do not cooperate.”


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