Family of Dodgers outfielder Andrew Toles found relief in his arrest

Dodgers outfielder Andrew Toles found relief

The family of Dodgers outfielder Andrew Toles says they found relief in his arrest in Florida last week when he was found by police sleeping behind an airport and refused to leave.

Toles’ mugshot was shared across social media and his sister Morgan told reporters her family felt “relief.”

“It’s really crazy to say, but the mug shot, really, was the best thing ever,” she said. “We didn’t know whether he was dead or alive.”

Morgan Toles said she and her family have been worried about Andrew Toles for over a year. His brother, who is on the Dodgers’ restricted list, has been arrested several times and moving from city to city. Also Read– Olympic Chief Bach Opposes Athletes Taking a Knee for Racism

The Major Leaguer was previously arrested in a similar incident in Kentucky two weeks ago. He was inside a Hong Kong prison last winter for allegedly stealing food from a gas station. The US Embassy assisted in getting him out.

“The last time I saw my brother, I don’t even know,” Morgan Toles told USA Today. “I haven’t heard his voice in, Lord knows how long. The only difference in my brother and the homeless walking the streets in LA is that he made money. That’s it. We want to help him so badly. We are doing everything we can.”

Andrew Toles’ father, Alvin, also voiced his concern.

“You cry every day, you pray every day,” Alvin Toles said. “It’s a relief that you know he’s alive. And now there’s no need to hide anything. Everyone now knows he has a mental illness.

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“Maybe this is how God meant for this to end. Now people know. People are reaching out and asking how to help”.

Andrew Toles was diagnosed earlier this year with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. 


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