ER nurse beaten with stick inside Bronx subway

Bronx subway Station

An emergency room 53-year-old nurse was brutally beaten with a stick while she was headed home from her shift at the Bronx Subway Station. Police say the attack was unprovoked.

Irina Langdon was on the mezzanine in the 149th St.-Grand Concourse No. 4 line station on Saturday around 11:45 pm when the man attacked her, cops said. She was struck in the head, arms, and ribs several times with the cane.

Two nearby Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers rushed to call 911. Emergency officials took Langdon to the emergency room at Lincoln Hospital where she had just been working earlier. The attacker is on the run and being searched for by the police.

Diana Lee, 23, Langdon’s daughter said her mother was back to work on Monday but was severely shaken up by the assault.

Taser and pepper spray are not allowed in New York

Bronx subway station

“She definitely remembers the attack. I think her memory of how the guy looked was a little fuzzy because she was in shock,” said Lee. “Now we’re just trying to figure out a way to provide her with something she can use to keep herself safe. In New York, there are so many limitations. Taser, pepper spray — you’re not allowed to use any of those.”

Police revealed surveillance photographs of the attacker holding the cane, his shirt speared with blood. The suspect is believed to be around 30 to 40 years old.

Lee said her mother was brought in with another victim who had also been beaten with a cane in front of the hospital a while earlier.

Langdon had been working in the emergency department throughout the coronavirus pandemic and due to some late night shifts, she takes the subway to her home in the Bronx’s Pelham PArkway neighborhood.

The NYPD has recorded over 148 felony assaults during the past five months on the Bronx subway. Only 8% less than the felony attacks on the subway during the same time of 2019.

Lee says this is the second time her mother had been attacked. She described the first assaults, saying, “She was on the subway, on her phone, going to work, and she felt something hit her head. People basically told her that a guy walked up to her and smashed his elbow onto her head.”

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Anyone with information please call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls are kept confidential.


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