Dos and Don’ts during the Chandra Grahan

Dos and Don’ts during the Chandra Grahan

NEW DELHI: A lunar eclipse also known as Chandra Grahan in India will be seen between July 4th and July 5th in some parts of the world. It will be visible in India beginning from 8:30 AM up until 11:21 AM. The best viewing time will be at 9:59 AM.

According to some traditions, people should not ideally eat or drink during the eclipse.

Dos and Don’ts

Modern science reveals lunar eclipses are completely safe and have no repercussions. However, according to some traditional mythology and religious beliefs, an eclipse is seen as a bad omen. 

It is believed that through the powerful rays of the eclipse, the properties of food can be ruined and hence it is best to avoid raw or pre-cooked meals. Dr. Vishakha Mahindroo, a Senior Ayurvedic Consultant states, “An eclipse has a profound inward pull on our consciousness and so it is the ideal time to pray, offering energy to ourselves and others. In an eclipse there is heightened energy that impacts the environment and our internal system in many different ways. Digestion and metabolism become greatly reduced at this time and hence Ayurveda advises that one should refrain from eating during the eclipse and it is ideal to fast during this time. For those who cannot fast, it is advised to eat light food.”

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Chandra Grahan

The lunar eclipse, compared to a solar eclipse, is completely safe to watch with the naked eye.

Traditions also believe that pregnant women should not step outside during the lunar eclipse and they should stay away from sharp and pointy objects. There are no scientific explanations confirming this. 

One more belief dictates that people must shower during or after an eclipse as a lunar eclipse is seen as “impurity” or “bad omen”. People also believe in using holy basil leaves or seeds in their food to “purify” the negativity from the eclipse. 

Other cultures forbid people from having intercourse or sleeping during the lunar eclipse as it is considered inauspicious.

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Further, some people also believe in chanting holy mantras and meditating for hours to ward off evil related to the event.


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