Donald Trump’s bizarre way of thinking

Donald Trump

President Trump tried his best this week to turn the bad news about the surge of coronavirus cases into good news.He labelled the increase in infections as evidence of success in expanded testing. Furthermore, Trump gave bizarre answers to questions posed about the virus and testing in the US.

“We’re doing so well after the plague,” he told a large group of students at a rally in Arizona, where cases are spiraling up. “It’s going away.”

Sadly, the reality is that the number of infections are increasing rapidly compared to previous weeks in more than 30 states. According to Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus has “brought this nation to its knees.” The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases advised people to follow “Plan A: Don’t go in a crowd. Plan B: If you do, make sure you wear a mask.” Also Read– America sees a disturbing new surge in COVID-19 cases

Most states are not following the CDC safety Guidelines

Studies show Blood type may affect COVID-19 risk
According to a UK study, wearing a face mask in addition to lockdowns could lessen the spread of the infectious disease and in turn prevent a second wave of global pandemic.

Additionally Dr. Kent Sepkowitz said, “The Covid-19 infection rate in the US is increasing at warp speed, alarming almost everyone outside the White House.” Only a few states are following guidelines set by the CDC to reopen based on data and only in phases. Most states have opened too soon, “wasting the weeks of tedious quarantine.” Sepkowitz compared the situation to an injured athlete, “an athlete, after months of grueling rehab from an injury, returning too soon and ending up back at square one after re-injuring the same bone or joint.”

Jill Filipovic said the US is “an outlier among nations, with more cases and more deaths than any nation in the world.” Its people “make up just over 4% of the world’s population, but about a quarter of global coronavirus deaths,” she noted. “And yet we haven’t reckoned with this massive, unmitigated public health failure.”

President Trump seems to be very inconsistent in his address about testing and the pandemic. First, Trump said he asked his team to slow down testing. He later pushed back when his aides said he was just kidding (“ I dont Kid”). Lastly he settles on:he was being sarcastic. Ths administration also said they would stop funding 13 community-based testing centers. 

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According to Frida Ghitis, “What Trump is trying to do is convince the public that the continuing disaster that is his handling of the crisis is not really happening. Don’t look at the growing number of cases and deaths, he’s telling us; it’s a mirage. Everything’s okay.”


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