Disneyland reopening postponed due to COVID-19


Officials postpone the reopening of Disneyland due to the surge of coronavirus cases in Orange County. 

The multinational entertainment giant had originally planned to reopen Disneyland on July 17. After an outcry from resort workers for the possible risk of infection from reopening, Governor Gavin Newsom announced the further delay.

On Wednesday Governor Newsom postponed the opening of Disneyland.

“That Disney has not now decided to move forward next month opening up their theme park, I want to just compliment Disney and their team for making that determination. It was referenced in their press release that the state of California has paused on providing guidelines in that space. That is an example of the data informing decision making. And that is exactly what we’ll be doing moving forward,” Newsom said at a news conference. 

He added that the reopening for theme parks will be based on data and Local conditions.Also Read– Lost ring on Florida beach found 18 years later

Orange County saw the highest daily total of people testing positive for the virus on Thursday of 394 people, including 147 people in intensive care.

Currently, there are 11,511 confirmed cases of the virus and 306 deaths, including 7 deaths on Thursday.

Around 232,000 tests have been conducted through the county with 5,300 people recovered. Orange County is home to more than 3.2 million people.

The workers at theme parks and a large group of locals signed a petition online to urge the delay of the opening of Disneyland. There were around 50,000 signatures on the petition.

According to Dr. Daniel Chow, a professor at the University of California, most cases are coming from the front-line workers and low-income neighborhoods. 

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“Increasingly, patients are coming from areas of low income,” Chow said. “These are people taking care of us in grocery stores, in the restaurants — the front-facing employees. So in my opinion it’s creating the perfect storm for maxing the amount of harm.” 


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