Demi Lovato’s cameo in Eurovision Song Contest

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato turned up the heat in ”Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire saga.”

Demi Lovato,27, took over the stage onscreen as songstress Katiana Leifsdottir, the greatest Eurovision contestant to date, from Iceland. Katiana is brought back to life as a spirit after she is killed by a boat explosion.

The Director of “Eurovision” David Dobkin purposefully brought Katian’s disturbing spirit back to life to warn Lars of the upcoming doom.

Director Dobkin made sure the actress was content with the goofy-but-dark humor. Also Read– Alia Shawkat talks Brad Pitt and her N-word controversy

“The real question was whether she was going to get the joke of Katiana coming back and looking like hell,” says Dobkin. “And she loved it. I actually checked in after they said yes and asked, ‘Did she really read those scenes?’ I even sent some internet photos of Griffin Dunne from “American Wolf in London’ to be clear, like, this is what we’re doing.”

The 27-year-old flew to the London set to sit through a three-hour-long ordeal in the makeup chair to have a prosthetic burn carnage applied.

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The movie features some of the best names in the industry. “We have the biggest names of the last decade, with seven of the 10 winners in the last 10 years. This was a huge campaign and took months to pull off. It was insane,” says Dobkin. “Each one of these singers is a huge celebrity in their own country.”


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