Debby Ryan Re-Created The “Radio Rebel” Meme On TikTok

Disney star Debby Ryan re-created the “Radio Rebel” meme on TikTok. Although the future of TikTok is very uncertain due to Donald Trump’s recent attacks on the famous app, we will still have Debby Ryan’s iconic TikTok fashion show to remember.

A few months earlier, Debby Ryan’s 2012 performance in the Disney Channel Original Movie Radio Rebel went viral. People realized how hilarious her bang acting and shoulder shrugs were. Also Read–  Microsoft talks with Trump to buy TikTok

The videos went viral and Debby Ryan laughed along with everyone and tweeted, “I was serious about my craft from a young age and studied technique alongside Roxanne from A Goofy Movie.”

Debby Ryan’s twist on #WhatIdWear challenge

Debby Ryan Re-Created The “Radio Rebel” Meme On TikTok

The comment was back in April however, Debby isn’t done poking fun at herself. She got in on the TikTok #WhatIdWear trend and while mocking Trump, dressed as some of her favorite characters, like Jessie, Patty from Insatiable, and—duh—Tara, aka Radio Rebel. 

Debby started off the video wearing a cute at-home look, pairing lilac sweats with a purple plaid top and cozy slippers. To transform into Jessie, she changed into a sleek grey skirt suit with a green top and knee-high boots, plus a burgundy lip. For a trip to The Suite Life, she donned a white crop top, red shorts, and slip-on sneakers, the ideal look for a day on a cruise ship. Patty, of course, wore a princessy pink dress and a crown — along with a smattering of blood and a knife.

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Debby isn’t the only star to try their hand at the challenge. Shay Mitchell also recreated a few of her most iconic roles, including Emily from Pretty Little Liars and Peach Salinger from You, in the same challenge earlier this summer. We love a nostalgic moment, especially when it involves our fave TV shows!


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