Community mourns protester Garrett Foster fatally shot

Community mourns Garrett Foster who was fatally shot during a downtown Austin protest. Memorials started to appear no less than 24 hours after 28-year-old Garrett Foster was shot during the Black Lives Matter protest. 

On Sunday, flowers and signs were placed in front of Austin Police headquarters and at the intersection where he was shot to mourn Foster’s life. In the evening, people gathered for a vigil for Foster at the same location. Also Read– Protester dies after being hit by a car

According to Police, Foster was fatally shot multiple times after a car ran into a group of protesters at 4th Street and Congress Avenue. The driver told police they fired a handgun at a person who had approached their driver-side window with an assault-type weapon. On the other hand demonstrators say the driver “aggressively accelerated” into the crowd of people.

Mark Bay, who attended the vigil, told reporters, “I’m here to show solidarity for the movement that he died for and also to remember him and to continue the fight.”

“You always have to consider risks when you come to a protest or do anything. It’s not just this, it’s COVID [-19] , too, but I think the cause is worth it.

Community mourns proterter Garrett Foster fatally shot

I really believe in racial equality. I really believe in justice for all, so I’m going to continue protesting.”

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People later set up a GoFundMe account for Garrett Foster, noting that he left behind a disabled fiancee who is in a wheelchair. The fund has gathered more than $96,000 in donations.


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