Clashes in London over George Floyd Death

LONDON: Violent clashes occurred between demonstrators and police in London during protests.Hundreds of people protested the death of African American, George Floyd in front of the US Embassy and quickly moved towards the Prime Ministers residence.

Protesters hurdled objects such as bottles and stones at the police force trying to control the demonstration. According to sources, at least 14 officers were injured and many protesters were arrested.

Demonstrators threw bottles and stones at police

The demonstrations started after 46-year-old African American George Floyd was murder by a white officer in the United States. Floyd was pinned down by the white officer for 9 minutes after he was
accused of using a supposed counterfeit $20 bill.

Autopsy reports determined his cause of death to be“asphyxiation from sustained pressure”.

Protest all over the World for George Floyd

Protest for the murder of George FLoyd, an unarmed man killed by a white officer, continue all around the world. People are protesting in solidarity with protesters in the US against the brutality of police and the racism against African Americans. Politicians and public figures have shown their support.

Protests began on 25th May when Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyds neck for 9 minutes while he complained “I can’t breathe”. Protests are taking place in Central London, Copenhagen, Berlin, New Zealand, and Australia, among others.

WASHINGTON Street Painted For Black Lives Matter

WASHINGTON: 16th Street leading to the White House is being painted with bright yellow letters for the Black Lives Matter protests. The Mayor of Washington D.C Muriel Bowser gave permission for the letters “Black Lives Matter” to be painted on 16th Street spanning 2 blocks leading upto the White House. The street has also been renamed to “Black Lives Matter” in solidarity with protesters.


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