Celebratory 4th of July gunfire kills 74-year-old

Vehicular assault suspect not yet charged

Investigation is underway into the 4th of July shooting of an innocent 74-year-old North Carolina woman from reckless “celebratory gunfire.’”

At 11 pm on July 4th Durham police responded to a call from a house where an elderly lady had suffered a gunshot wound, according to reports.

The victim, Paulette Thorpe was taken to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead, police said. Also Read– ‘Salute to America’ attendees will assume “personal responsibility”

“Last night as people throughout Durham peacefully celebrated the July Fourth holiday with their friends and family, a small few chose to put our community at risk by carelessly firing guns into the air,” Police Chief Cerelyn Davis said.

“This reckless behavior led to the tragic death of Ms. Paulette Thorpe,” she said. “Ms. Thorpe’s death reminds us that we as a community must work together to prevent these senseless acts, so that no family suffers such a tragedy ever again.”

Celebratory gunfire in Durham is a crime

Man dies from Independence Day fireworks

Just an hour before the shooting, Durham police urged people on Twitter to avoid firing guns in the air, pinpointing that in Durham celebratory gunfire was a crime, punishable with a fine of upto $500.

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“Here’s why: Bullets fired in the air can travel a long distance,” the post said. “And, what goes up, more often than not, must come down… and sometimes has fatal consequences for people and pets.”


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