Brazil may surpass the US in the number of Covid-19 cases

The South American country has now reached over 1 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 and deaths totaling 48,954. This may push Brazil to the top of the list of worst-hit countries.

On Friday, the health ministry reported a total of 1,032,913 cases including a record of 54,771 new cases in one day.

The virus is spreading quickly in the country after the government loosened restrictions on social distancing and opened up restaurants, stores and other businesses.

Health officials say the number of cases may surpass those of The United States making Brazil the worst-hit country in the world.Also Read– Great New discovery in COVID-19 drug study

The President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, continues to downplay the urgency in the country and blames the opposition for attempting to discredit him.

The first case in the country was confirmed on February 26, when a Brazilian man returned from a trip to Italy with the virus. About a month later, the virus had spread to around 3000 people and caused 77 deaths.

At this time, Bolsonaro only considered the virus as a “little flu” and implied the country and its people are immune.

“Brazilians don’t catch anything … they already have the antibodies to keep it from spreading,” the President said.

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He once again repeated his statement on March 26 at a conference outside the Alvorada presidential residence in Brasilia. “Brazilians should be studied, we don’t catch anything. You see people jumping in sewage, diving in it and nothing happens to them,” Bolsonaro said.

The President further said that the Brazilians who had caught the virus already had “the antibodies that would help [coronavirus] not spread.”


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